Compatible Work Goals on National and Individual Level

On developement

Rita Claes, Luis Díaz Vilela
Universiteit Gent, Universidad de La Laguna


The study dealt with the compatibility between work goals at the national culture-level and on the individual level, and its implications at the organizational level for HRM in Flemish tourism business in Tenerife. Hofstede's dimensions Individualism-Collectivism (Ind/Col) and Masculinity-Femininity (Mas/Fem) refered to national work goals. Individual work goals were assessed through the measure developed by the Meaning of Working (MOW) International Research Team. Three hypotheses related Ind/Col with individual work goals, while a fourth hypothesis related Mas/Fem with individual work goals. Interview data from employed labor force in Flanders (N=539) and Tenerife (N=416) were used to test the hypotheses through profile analysis. Results (fully or partially) supported the hypothesized compatibility of cross-level work goals. Discussed implications of the findings included the relation of culture-level and individual-level work goals, and HRM in Flemish tourism industry in Tenerife.